Square Hole Perforated Sheets

Square Hole Perforated Sheets

Wide Assortment

As a leading manufacturer of perforated sheets in Delhi we offer a wide range of our products. We are well-recognized to serve varieties in square hole perforated sheets and the selection of sheets depends upon the application. It varies in the type of material used to manufacture, hole sizes and patterns and the thickness of the sheets.

Outstanding quality

Square hole perforated sheets are the substitute for standard round hole perforated sheets. We utilize the superior quality of material to fabricate these sheets, and also assure that our product is rustproof. They are determined to be flexible in case of partition or embellishment due to its wide-open area. 


Square hole perforated sheets are multi-functional and are used for various prospects. Due to its vast open area, these sheets are usually used as grids to protect delicate objects from damages. It is also used as a ventilation sheet, as the air passes through it, swimmingly. These sheets are also functional as appliance protectors, for sundecks and banister panels.

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