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Wire Mesh and Its Uses

Wire Mesh and Its Uses

Wire Mesh is made up of Connected stands of fiber, metal & other ductile or flexible materials. It is similar to the net which is attached with so many strands. Wire Mesh is a highly versatile product which is used for many applications. There are so many wire meshes which we deal in but few of them are:-

  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Welded Wire Mesh
  • Vibrating Wire Mesh

Damodar Perforators are very well recognized in the manufacturing of Wire Mesh since 2009 till now. We give the supreme quality to our customers. That’s why our clients are connected with us for so long. The Damodar perforators deal in many varieties of stainless steel. We give quality products at very reasonable prices. 


  • Wire Screening on windows.
  • Nylon & Metal wire mesh can be used infiltration
  • Woven Meshes are used in Screen Printing
  • Wire Mesh can be used to produce park benches
  • Wire Mesh can be used to secure areas from unwanted things to come inside. 

Being the known Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Delhi, we supply our products all over India. Our products are made by highly experienced employees with great knowledge of product manufacturing. Wire Mesh manufactured by us has high aesthetic values along with reliability, long life expectancy, durability, dependability, corrosion resistance.

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